Why Is A Bamboo Barrier Necessary?

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Bamboo barrier – By the time a bamboo bush is planted, protection against uncontrolled propagation of roots favorable to growth should be planned. Especially if the bamboo is going to find its new location near the boundaries of the property, garden paths, ponds, roads and foundations. Such protection can also be modified. However, it is important to have the right material and the proper installation depth for the bamboo barrier.

The root spurs, called rhizomes, are very strong and pierce almost anything that gets in their way. Bamboo is one of the plant species that proliferate along extensive extensions of root (rhizomes) at the bottom of the earth. These foothills can reach up to a few meters long in older bamboo plants and then, suddenly, form buds on neighboring beds, on the lawn or even on neighboring properties.

From these individual buds whole plants develop rapidly, which in turn multiply by the rhizomes. Within a few years, a larger species of bamboo occupies entire areas in this way and suffocates everything that has grown there before. Often, a gardener is not advised enough when buying a bamboo in the bamboo’s extreme propagation behavior. For many years, ignorance was widespread in this area. The gardener only then realizes that the plant is spreading when it is too late.