Wood Spoon Tradition

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Wood Spoon – ┬áThe habit of carving and giving the Welsh Lovespoons originated in Wales hundreds of years ago. Today’s young men may buy flowers, chocolate, or jewelry as a sign of love. Centuries ago in Wales, young lovers will also give candy or cake gifts; but they will also give special and more personal gifts to the object of their hopes, Welsh Love Spoon. Some of the initial spoons of love can be seen at the exhibition at the Welsh Folk Museum in Cardiff. Some even returned to 1667.

The young man spent hours carving a spoon with his own hands, hoping the girl would accept it. If the girl receives a spoon, she will show her interest and they will start a relationship, which is the origin of the word ‘spoon’. This is a habit that is not limited to Wales, but occurs throughout Europe, especially in the Celtic countries. Because rural farmers use wooden spoons to eat and prepare food, they are forced to carve a lot of simple tea for this purpose. Therefore, it is more likely that more complicated carvings are naturally produced from this, and the most beautiful Spoon of Love is stored as a gift.

Young men have plenty of time in their hands during long winter nights, and while some move to poetry or write songs, others will carve out all kinds of things such as kitchen utensils or toys for children from wooden slabs. It’s easy to imagine a young man after a hard day’s work, without a radio or television or car, spending his free time on a dark night carving a spoon for his favorite girl.